Thursday, 28 July 2016

A good start?

I didn't realise how boring I was until I sat down and started to write about myself.

Is it possible to get writer's block when you're writing about what you're supposed to know best?

I have been looking at a lot of "getting started" writing exercises in an attempt at igniting my creative juices.

Blank stare, silence, I type a couple of words, delete them, stare at the wall, get distracted by Yahtzee on my phone, next thing I know it's 9 pm.  I am not the only one RIGHT?

I'll try a paragraph about me, well not me, something that has happened to me, something funny, something inspirational, something poignant (does anyone actually know how to say that word confidently?).

12 months out of high school, my "career" at Pizza Hut was progressing well, I was now a supervisor in the restaurant and covered the day shift by myself at the delivery shopfront a suburb over.  A couple of nights a week I looked after the volleyball competition at a local sports centre.  The pay was good, almost double what I was getting supervising staff at Pizza Hut and I got to play volleyball, a lot of volleyball.  Whilst both of these jobs sustained me financially, I needed to find a "proper" job.
"There's a job in the paper I circled for you"  My dad called out from the lounge room.  
I was busy on the computer, looking at movie box office statistics, which films were making the most money at the US box office and which ones were complete bombs.  I'd spend hours researching this type of information.  Along with the hours I spent at Video Ezy, reading the back covers of every single video on the shelf, I suppose you could confidently say I was a movie buff.  Responding to my lack of response, my dad shoved the newspaper under my nose.  He had even found the page the advertisement was on, and sure enough he had circled it in pen.
"What did you say?" I asked looking up at him.
"The job, Customs, what do you think? You should go for it."
I looked at the advertisement and then I looked at dad.
"Aw yeah, I'll have a look" I took the newspaper off him. "What does Customs even do?"
Dad smirked "Well you better find out."

A good start?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

fast forward to four years later...

So, a lot has happened.

I completely forgotten I had even created a blog, let alone written one, solitary post.

And so, the requirements of a university writing subject - to have a blog - brought me back here.  I just happened to click on the link for "Blogger", picking it out of 11 free blogging websites that were suggested ( it wasn't the first one suggested either).  Confusion ensued for a small moment.  Then, access to my reflections of 4 years ago, like finding an old diary when you go through your stuff at your parents house when they tell you they're finally "downsizing".

I hope that undertaking this subject is the motivation I need to continue on with this blog long after the semester has finished.

I really don't want the next time I happen upon it to be when our son Archie, is almost 6!